Kuro Tomesode Kimono with cranes and daisie

Black Kuro Tomesode Kimono decorated with cranes - Tsuru, ducks, and golden daisies

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Kuro Tomesode Kimono with cranes and daisie. Tomesode Kimono in good condition, very elegant. The design is particularly enchanting, featuring cranes and mandarin ducks on a pond, adorned with embroidered daisies and a printed pattern that adds a colorful and delicate touch. The lining shows a few small stains and there is another less visible one on the back. Being a vintage/used piece, it may show some stains or defects. Rare

The Kuro Tomesode is a specific type of Japanese kimono. “Kuro” means “black” in Japanese, and “Tomesode” refers to a formal kimono primarily worn by married women on special occasions.

The Kuro Tomesode stands out with its predominantly black color and elegant design. It is often adorned with intricate patterns and delicate embroideries, typically located at the bottom of the kimono. The motifs used on the Kuro Tomesode can vary, but they are often symbolic and carry deep meaning. For example, floral, bird, or landscape motifs may represent wishes for happiness, prosperity, or conjugal love.

Tomesode is a type of Japanese traditional clothing and is the highest-ranked formal dress worn by married women. Within the hierarchy of kimonos, the tomesode is the most formal and equivalent to Western evening wear.

  • Kimono Kuro Tomesode vintage/ used.
  • The lining shows a few small stains and there is another less visible one on the back.
  • Dimensions around: A – 126cm / B – 152cm / C – 32cm / D – 54cm.
  • Black color.
  • The price indicated is for the kimono alone, without accessories.
  • Maintenance: Dry clean only.

It could be that from one screen to another the colors are different on some products.

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