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Tissu Japonais Tsuzumi Sensu bleu. Japan fabric

Explore the Beauty of Japanese Fabric

Discover the rich tradition and modern flair of Japanese fabric at DIY District. From authentic Japanese patterns like Asanoha to contemporary designs, the collection offers a wide range of cotton fabric, linen fabric, and more. Whether you’re looking for fabric for quilting, fabric patchwork, or upholstery fabric, the Japanese-inspired collection will add a touch of elegance to your creations.

Coton dobby Japonais floral Tsubaki marine. Japanese fabric. Kobayashi fabric

Quality and Variety in Japanese Cotton Fabric

Japanese cotton fabric is renowned for its quality and unique prints, 100% made in Japan. You’ll find cotton Japanese fabrics in various patterns, including timeless treasures like sakura, cherry blossoms, and crane. Available by the meter, the selection of cotton Japanese fabrics at DIY District caters to all your sewing DIY needs. Embrace the beauty of Japanese textile with floral cotton, pattern cotton, and more.

Tissu Nani IRO GRACE coton bio gris. Japanese fabric

Traditional and Modern Japanese Style Fabric

DIY District offers a blend of traditional Japanese and modern Japanese fabrics. Explore the elegance of Chirimen fabric, the charm of cat fabric, and the sophistication of geometric designs. With a wide range of fabric, including double gauze fabric, brocade, and kasuri, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your sewing projects. From large Japanese patterns to delicate floral prints, the collection captures the essence of Japanese style.

Find out more about Japanese Fabrics

Here are some answers to questions you may have about this product category and our shop.

What Types of Japanese Fabric Can I Find at DIY District?

Japanese fabrics at DIY District include traditional and modern styles, such as Asanoha fabric, Chirimen fabric, and fabrics with unique patterns like black cats and peonies for examples. From cotton fabric to linen fabric, there's something for every sewing project.

Can I Buy Japanese Fabric by the Yard?

You purchase Japanese fabric by the meter at DIY District, and there's a converter on each product page to know the length in yards. Whether you need fabric for quilting, upholstery, or clothing sewing, you'll find a wide variety of fabric sold by the yard or meter.

What Makes Japanese Cotton Fabric Special?

Japanese cotton fabric is known for its exceptional quality and unique patterns. From traditional Japanese designs to modern Japanese-inspired prints, the cotton Japanese fabrics at DIY District are perfect for quilting, fabric patchwork, and more.

Are There Any Japanese Inspired Fabrics with Cat Patterns?

Yes, DIY District offers cat fabric with beautiful black Neko patterns and peony flowers. This cotton fabric is ideal for sewing fabric projects and adds a Japanese-inspired touch.

What Is Chirimen Fabric?

Chirimen fabric is a high-quality Japanese fabric with traditional auspicious patterns. It's ideal for elegant clothing sewing and crafts, and you can find Chirimen fabric Shochikubai colored violet at DIY District.

Can I Find Floral Fabric?

Yes, you can find floral fabric, including Japanese floral patterns like cherry blossoms and chrysanthemum. These fabrics are perfect for fabric patchwork, quilting fabric, and decorative fabric projects.

Do You Offer Japanese Kimono Fabrics?

DIY District offers fabrics suitable for Japanese kimono, including traditional Japanese patterns and modern Japanese textile designs. Whether you're looking for authentic Japanese fabric or Japanese-inspired styles, you'll find it here.

What Are Some Popular Japanese Fabric Patterns?

Popular Japanese fabric patterns include Asanoha, dragonfly, sakura, koi fish, and geometric designs. These timeless treasures are available in a wide array of colors such as navy blue, dark blue, white blue, aqua, red, golden, beige, and much more, offering endless possibilities for creativity.

Can I Find Linen Fabric at DIY District?

Yes, DIY District offers linen fabric in various Japanese-inspired designs. From traditional Japanese garden patterns to retro Japanese prints, you'll find the perfect linen fabric for your project.

What Are Some Unique Japanese Fabric Prints?

DIY District offers unique Japanese fabric prints such as black cat and peony fabric, fabric with dragonfly patterns, and fabric with traditional Japanese motifs like Shochikubai. These prints are available in fabric sold by the meter.

Is There Any Fabric with Japanese Garden Themes?

Yes, you can find fabric with Japanese garden themes, including patterns like koi fish, cherry blossoms, and crane. These fabrics capture the beauty of a garden Japanese style and are perfect for decorative fabric projects.

Where Can I Buy Japanese Fabric Online?

You can buy Japanese fabric online at DIY District. From traditional Japanese to modern Japanese fabrics, including Nani Iro, Kokka, Kobayashi, Sevenberry, Quiltgate, Cosmo and more, the online store offers a wide selection of Japanese imported fabrics.