It’s been a while since I’ve posted a little article on the blog, and the reason? The great lack of time between the shop and family life to manage. So it’s a bit complicated to be able to create and sew some projects I have in mind. So here we go, it’s time to remedy that and tell you a little bit about our Handmade “Japanese Apron”!

Mummy, Mummy I’d like to make cookies!

This apron has been on my ToDo list for a while now and it wasn’t hard to make. I don’t think I’ll make a tutorial for it, but I might put a unique pattern that you’ll have to adapt to your measurements. You’ll see that it’s quite simple to make because there are only three pieces to sew together, four if you decide to put a pocket in front.

At home I cook quite a lot with my daughter. She didn’t have an apron to protect her clothes when making her favourite dishes (especially cookies!) I used to put a poor tea towel around her neck to avoid splashes, which wasn’t necessarily very practical… That’s when I came up with the idea of making an ordinary apron, knowing that I didn’t have one either.

And why not an apron but Japanese? called in the land of the rising sun “Epuron – エプロン“.

No no not the apron of the famous “Maids cafe” which looks more like maid costumes! Ok they are pretty cute…

But rather a very classic apron in style and easy to wear every day. And yes, there’s nothing to stop you from using it to go shopping, as it’s almost like a long blouse. It also had to be practical to put on (no need to tie a belt) and there is no need to say… it is ultra simple to put on!

In short, for this apron, I used two different Japanese fabrics in the same colour range, 100% cotton for a good absorption, besides I think this material lends itself best to it contrary to a laminated fabric which might be practical but too stiff. So, one fabric with Seigaiha patterns and another plain one to distinguish them, because pattern on pattern doesn’t fit at all… but that’s just a matter of opinion.

I made the pattern myself (and yes, as usual, I prefer to make my own mouldings, it’s more fun!) thanks to a few pictures I found on the internet. I quickly realised that with the two straps crossing each other in the back, there wouldn’t be much cutting and sewing to do, I love these quick sews!

I’m sorry but I forgot to take more pictures of the making process. I’ll try to add more if I ever sew one again.

I have declined another one for adults which I hope my husband will be able to wear on occasion, at least for the photo shoot he used it.

What do you think of our Japanese Apron? My daughter has completely adopted it! She now uses it regularly and not only for cooking ^^

Finally, here is a small selection of photos we took for this article.

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Bon week end à vous tous, il est temps pour nous de déguster les super cookies de Chloé !!!

It’s up to you to make your own now and don’t hesitate to share your creations here, on facebook and on instagram by tagging us or by using our #diydistrict I’d love to be able to admire them !

Have a great weekend everyone, it’s time for us to enjoy Chloe’s awesome cookies!!!

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