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Do you know the history of Japanese fabrics?

We have since a long time considered Japanese fabrics to be a reflection of Japanese art and culture. Their qualities and aesthetics have conquered the world, and their wide range of inspiring designs continues to fascinate lovers of the country and its crafts.

The traditional weavings, the variety of prints such as Asanoha or Seigaiha, have long been a testament to the skills of the country's craftsmen. The kimono is a perfect example of the timeless beauty of these magnificent fabrics.

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Authenticity and expertise

Japanese fabrics are known around the world for their exceptional quality and unmatched authenticity. Japanese artisans have perfected the art of weaving, dyeing and patterning to create one-of-a-kind fabrics that reflect their ancient skills and passion for tradition.

We are therefore pleased to be able to share with you a piece of this culture through our beautiful and authentic Japanese fabrics available on our website.

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Quality fabrics, delivery time always respected, careful packaging and always a contact person to listen to in case of need.
An ecommerce as we would like to see more! Thank you!

Marylor C.22 July, 2022

I ordered online and was amazed at how quickly it was delivered!
The fabric is beautiful and the packaging is very neat. Thank you so much!

Charlotte D.25 November, 2021

I ordered Japanese fabrics for my creations by internet for the first time, I discovered the DIY District website by chance and I'm more than delighted, they will see me again in the orders!
High quality fabrics, well cut and not torn, folded with care! Top of the line!
I highly recommend them!

Loly D.5 October, 2021